NRCA Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

OCD and Elbow Dysplasia

Currently there are no restrictions placed on Rottweilers with regard to their Elbow Gradings. Elbow x-raying is compulsory for Rottweilers x-rayed after 1 June 1998. Responsible breeders are attending to this problem by also having the elbows x-rayed at the same time as the hips.

A flexed elbow x-ray is required, clearly indicating Left and Right and the microchip number of the animal. This x-ray is taken at the same time as the hip x-ray and forwarded to the appropriate body along with hip x-ray and the completed paperwork.

Gradings are those used by the International Elbow Working Group, 0, Borderline, 1, 2, 3. The AVA recommends that Normal, Borderline and Grade 1 are acceptable for breeding, Grade 2 and 3 are unacceptable. Please note that this is a recommendation, not a requirement.

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