Life Membership


  1. To be promoted to Life Membership, a person must be a current member of the RCV Inc.  and have maintained continuous financial membership for not less than 20 years.
  2. During this period the member must have made a significant contribution to the RCV Inc. and demonstrated extraordinary service and dedication to the Breed and the Club.
  3. Nominations can only be accepted from current members of the RCV Inc. 


  1. Nominations must be made in writing to the Committee of the RCV Inc., include a full resume to enable verification by the Committee and lodged with the Secretary of the RCV Inc. by 1 March of any year.
  2. Upon receipt of a nomination for Life Membership, the RCV Inc. Committee will determine whether the candidate meets the criteria for Life Membership with the emphasis to be on maintaining the integrity and prestige of the award.
  3. The Committee will reject or verify the nomination by resolution prior to 31 March each year.
  4. If the nomination is rejected the Committee will write to the nominator advising the reason for the rejection.
  5. If the nomination is verified by Committee the name of the nominee will be advised to the membership prior to 14 April of each year.  
  6. Members may make a submission to the Committee in writing rejecting the application prior to 30 April.  The submission must state details of why the verification should be rejected under the criteria.
  7. Any rejections of the nomination received are to be reviewed by the Committee along with the original application and a determination made if the Life Membership nomination is to proceed.
  8. If no objections are received, or, the committee has determined that the nomination should proceed following review of any rejections of the application, the nominees name will be placed on the Agenda of the RCV Inc. SGM immediately following the AGM of that year for ratification by members.  A majority vote of 75% of those voting is required. 
  9. Upon ratification the nominee will be entered in to the membership register as a Life Member and a commemorative badge will be issued as soon as possible. 
  10. Life members shall continue to enjoy the same privileges of ordinary membership and shall not be liable to pay annual membership subscriptions.  It is expected that the member continues to uphold the ideals and ethics/aims of the RCV at all times.
  11. Life membership is awarded to and is applicable to a single member only, it is not transferable and does not apply to any spouse, partner or family member of the Life Member. 
  12. Life memberships will not necessarily be presented every year, only when considered applicable.

Outstanding Service Award

  1. The Outstanding Service Award is to cover an extended period of continuous membership of 40 years, demonstrating outstanding service to our Club and/or the Breed.
  2. The award is to be a plaque engraved “Outstanding Service Award” and is to be presented at the RCV Inc. AGM following 40 years of continuous membership being attained by the member. 

Special Recognition/Achievement Award

  1. The Special Recognition/Achievement Award caters for the person who has done something extraordinary (remarkable, exceptional and outside the normal course of events) for our Club and/or the breed.
  2. RCV Inc Members or the RCV Inc Committee may nominate members to be a recipient of the Special Recognition/Achievement Award at any time. 
  3. The Committee will reject or verify the nomination by resolution.  If the nomination is rejected the Committee will write to the nominator advising the reason for the rejection.  The final decision rests with the committee of the RCV Inc. 
  4. This award caters for the person, regardless of the duration of their membership, who has had some major, positive impact on our Club and/or our Breed.
  5. The award is to be a plaque engraved “Special Recognition/Achievement Award” and is to be presented at an RCV Inc. AGM.

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