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IFR Gradings

March 4, 2014.

A note from the Secretary: for those querying the grading system, hopefully this helps;

The qualifications given by the judges must correspond to the following definitions:

(V) EXCELLENT may only be awarded to a dog which comes very close to the ideal standard of the breed, which is presented in excellent condition, displays a harmonious, well-balanced temperament, is of high class and has excellent posture. Its superior characteristics in respect of its breed permit that minor imperfections can be ignored; it must however have the typical features of its sex.

(SG) VERY GOOD may only be awarded to a dog which possesses the typical features of its breed, which has well-balanced proportions and is in correct condition. A few minor faults may be tolerated but none of a morphological nature. This award can only be granted to a dog that shows class.
(G) GOOD is to be awarded to a dog that possesses the main features of its breed however showing faults provided these are not concealed.

SUFFICIENT must be awarded to a dog which corresponds adequately to its breed, without possessing the generally accepted characteristics or whose physical condition leaves something to be desired.
DISQUALIFIED must be awarded to a dog which shows a behaviour clearly not in line with its standard or which behaves aggressively or to dogs that show eliminating faults in regard to the FCI- breed standard

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