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The Rottweiler Club of Victoria Inc. is the only affiliated Rottweiler Club of Dogs Victoria and is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The Club is dedicated to the Rottweiler breed. We strive to educate and promote responsible ownership of the Rottweiler. Protecting and preserving the breed are our prime objectives.

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Breaking News

Hip and Elbow changes to CHEDS..

07 August 2023

For all readings performed from 30th September 2023 CHEDS Paperwork will become the NRC(A) accepted method for Hip/Elbow screening. Please see the attached motion from the NRCA.

We have been advised by our NRCA secretary that all NRCA HD ED paperwork can continue to be used until stocks are depleted.
To read the motion approved by members, please CLICK HERE

National Rottweiler Council (Australia) 

JLPP Litter Registration Limitation: – Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis Polyneuropathy (JLPP)

22 March 2023

Dogs Australia register & registration will be amended with the inclusion of the following:

8.17 Effective from 1/1/23 ALL Rottweilers be tested for JUVENILE LARYNGEAL PARALYSIS POLYNEUROPATHY (JLPP) prior to being mated and only Clear to Clear or Clear to Carrier be permitted. The exception to this is Frozen Semen whereby a sample can be taken from left over semen when a bitch is inseminated and then sent off for testing; in these cases, the bitch must be a Clear on the chance the sire may be a Carrier. Certificate to be provided by the Laboratory carrying out testing eg: Laboklin, OFA, Orivet. Samples must be taken by a Vet or a Certified Collector.

About Rottweilers

The Rottweiler is considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds. Its origin goes back to Roman times. These dogs were kept as herder or driving dogs. They marched over the Alps with the Roman legions, protecting the humans and driving their cattle. In the region of Rottweil, these dogs met and mixed with the native dogs in a natural crossing. The main task of the Rottweiler now became the driving and guarding of the herds of cattle and the defence of their masters and their property. This breed acquired its name from the old free city of Rottweil and was known as the « Rottweil butcher’s dog’ ». The butchers bred this type of dog purely for performance and usefulness. In due course, a first rate watch and driving dog evolved which could also be used as a draught dog. When, at the beginning of the twentieth century, various breeds were needed for police service, the Rottweiler was amongst those tested.

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