Health Testing Forms

NRC(A) Hip, Elbow, Eye and Dental Application Form
NRC(A) HD/ED Download and Print Form Click Here

NRC(A) Hip, Elbow, Eye and Dental Application Form
NRC(A) HD/ED Fillable FormClick Here

Obtaining HD/ED and eye and dental paperwork and current NRCA Readers

You can find the Hip, Elbow, Eye and Dental paperwork request form, from the links above.
The forms include clear instructions on how to fill in the form. We have made it easy and quick for you with an online “fillable” form.
Simply click on the link for the fillable form, fill in all details, save to your computer. Then attach this form and your dog’s pedigree to an email, then forward to the RCV Breed Recorder: Michele Simpson OR click on the printable version above, print and fill in by hand. Then send it via mail, ATT: Michele Simpson, PO Box 357, Wallan Vic 3756

At this stage, NRC(A) health testing paperwork is FREE for all RCV members. If you are not a current financial RCV member you are required to pay $10.00 into the RCV bank account to cover the cost of a set of paperwork. The Breed Recorder will check the bank account once she receives your form and a copy of your dog’s pedigree. Once your payment is confirmed, she will have your forms completed and sent back to you as soon as possible. Please make your payment using your surname as reference to;

Bendigo Bank
BSB: 633 000
Account: 152 852 018

Effective July 15th, 2023, the following Veterinary Radiologists are the recognised official Readers for the NRC(A) HD/ED Scheme and will accept correctly identified hip and elbow x-rays accompanied by National Rottweiler Council (A) or Cheds numbered paperwork sent to them directly and will return results (NRCA paperwork) to the National Breed Recorder and (Cheds paperwork) will be emailed to the Owner and National Breed Recorder at the same time.
>>>>>>>>X-Rays must be permanently embossed with dogs Microchip Number<<<<<<<<

Dr Roger Lavelle
Lavelle’s Diagnostics Imaging
80 Ashworths Road (PO Box 25)
P: (03) 5429 1682
COST: Hips & Elbows $100.00

Dr Jennifer Richardson
PO Box 3477
Broadway Nedlands LPO WA 6009
P: (08) 9360 2475
M: 0417 911 246
COST: Hips & Elbows $90.00
EFT: BSB 086-164 A/C 117072876

Dr Ana Hayes
PO Box 36
Vermont Vic 3133
P0400 874 741
COST: Hips & Elbows $90.00

Dr Mariano Makara*
PO Box 382 (If tracking is required, please use Express Post – NOT REGISTERED MAIL)
South Fremantle WA 6159
Mobile 0416 051 002
COST: Hips & Elbows $100.00
*Vets can submit DICOM images via
Owners name & email address will generate an Invoice to the owner (preferred method)

RCV State Breed Recorder
Michele Simpson
PO Box 357
Wallan Vic 3756

National Breed Recorder
Susie Baird
PO Box 1102
Grovedale DC
Vic 3216

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