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The Rottweiler Breed Standard F.C.I. Standard No. 147 (24.07.2018/ EN)DATE OF PUBLICATION OF THE ORIGINAL VALID STANDARD: 15.06.2018. ORIGIN: GermanyTRANSLATED BY: Mrs C. Seidler. Revised by Peter FriedrichUTILIZATION: Companion, service and working dog. CLASSIFICATION FCI Group 2 (Pinscher and Schnauzer type, Molossian type andSwiss Mountain- and Cattle Dogs and other breeds)Section 2.1 Molossian type, Mastiff […]

Showing Open to pedigree, registered Rottweilers belonging to VCA Members. The Show ring is the window on the breed. Learning to show your dog is not easy but it has many rewards. Dog shows were evolved so that the best conformation dogs were known and were then chosen for breeding. Many people show for social […]

Breed Standard Evaluation (Australia) Program Note: The video was filmed in a relaxed setting and the different components of the BSE(A) are filmed in no particular order. The accompanying documents are Approved by members Of the RCV February 2021 ASSOCIATED DOCUMENTS BSE(A) Training ProgramBSE(A) ProgramBSE(A) RulesBSE(A) Certificate We would like to thank and acknowledge the […]

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