27th National Rottweiler Specialty Show Results (Hosted by the Rottweiler Club of Victoria Inc) 2017- Judge: Herr Dieter Viehoft (Germany) BABY PUPPY DOG3 Absent. 11 enteredVP1. Kagiso Africas Lil MufasaVP 2. Connalpie Sir GizmoVP 3. Stambakai I Am Mckenzie BakerP 4. Vonzennith Venum (AI)P 5. Kagiso Africas Lil PumbaP6. Darkcide Down N DirtyP7. Nottrott Wyld […]

Rottweiler Club of Victoria Inc 1996 Open Show – 7 July 1996Judge Mr John Belbin CHAMPION DOG1 Ch Glenosci Toshi [A]2 Ch Birfield Episode3 Ch Brojelie Cavalier4 Ch Linbedach My Dakota [A] CHAMPION BITCH1 Ch Stevmar Just a Dream2 Ch Jahzorn Blue Amethyst3 Ch Chequar Vaga Our Safi BABY PUPPY DOG1 Willemstadt Warlord2 Arlando Lord […]

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