NB: Please be aware that the [A] endorsement is no longer available, and this page is supplied for historical purposes only.

What does it mean? The [A] is a pedigree endorsement for satisfactory hips which is awarded by the Victorian Canine Association (V.C.A.). The scheme was devised by the V.C.A. Hereditary Diseases Committee in conjunction with the Australian Veterinary Association (A.V.A.) and the Rottweiler Club of Victoria. The [A] is available to all Rottweilers who:

How do I get an [A]?

First you must comply with the requirements of the NRC Hip Dysplasia Scheme. The Rottweiler must be at least twelve months of age. You must be issued with a tattoo number by the Rottweiler Club of Victoria in the accepted tattoo format of “3AA001”. The Club will supply you with the appropriate forms to be completed by yourself and the Veterinarian at time of x-ray. When the Rottweiler is X-rayed, the number is tattooed in the ear (Rottweilers tattooed as puppies will already have a number tattooed in their ear) and the x-ray plate is marked with the tattoo number and usually the registration number of the dog. The x-rays and forms are then forwarded to Professor Wyburn or the AVA to be assessed. Results come direct from the Professor Wyburn/AVA to the Rottweiler Club, however to ensure that results are received quickly it is best to send your original plus a copy to the Breed Recorder. If your Rottweiler receives a satisfactory grading, you are eligible for an [A]. The Rottweiler Club then supplies the VCA with a list of qualifying dogs and the VCA records are updated.

The [A] is not available to dogs registered in other states, or to dogs who belong to non VCA members. It is also not available, even though a dog may have an acceptable grading, to those dogs who do not have a tattoo number issued by the Rottweiler Club of Victoria or who do not comply with other components of the Scheme.

It is possible to bypass the Rottweiler Club of Victoria Inc. and go directly to the VCA Inc. to receive your dog’s pedigree endorsement. The VCA Inc. and the Rottweiler Club of Victoria Inc. will both accept NRC (A) Hip Scheme results and AVA results as eligible for the [A]

How do I know if I my dog has an [A]?

The Club can tell you if your dog qualifies and whether they have been allocated an [A]. If you are unsure, contact the Club. The VCA will not issue a new registration certificate when the dog obtains an [A]. The only time you will get the actual paperwork with the [A] next to your dog’s name is if you send your registration to the VCA for some reason eg you obtain a title or ownership of the animal is transferred. Then a new registration certificate is issued and the [A] will appear. If you breed a litter, the registration certificates issued for the puppies will also have the [A] added. In the meantime use the [A] every time you write your dog’s name if you are certain your dog qualifies.

If you receive a reissued pedigree or registration certificates for puppies that do not contain [A]’s when you think they should, contact the Club who will take up the issue on your behalf with the VCA.

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