Breed Exhibition

Rottweiler Club of Victoria Inc 1st RCV Annual Breed Exhibition – 1998 JUDGE: Pirkko Pesonen – Finnish Rottweiler Specialist BABY PUPPY DOGCastobian Gold N FortuneCastobian Gold N Cashr BABY PUPPY BITCHAardhond My Loyal BlueStevmar Forever In TimeAardhond Bad But Loyal MINOR PUPPY DOGAlshaus Omen (AI)Sanmar Lord KodakSubstanz Count OdiMarmookunda RaduNtaba Fiery Steinor (IID USA) MINOR […]

Rottweiler Club of Victoria Inc 2nd Breed Exhibition – 2 & 3 October, 1999KCC Park, Cranbourne Judge: Chris Pretorius (South Africa) Sponsored by Royal Canin Chris Pretorius, a twelfth generation South African, grew up in northern Natal, where he first got “hooked” on a working sheepdog at the age of seven. He saw his first […]

Rottweiler Club of Victoria Inc 3rd Breed Exhibition – 2000KCC Park, Cranbourne Judge: Carina Ranne (Finland) Sponsored by Royal Canin Highest Grading Possible – Very Promising ‘VP’ BABY PUPPY DOGVP1 Allerbishley ArtusVP2 Diodonis OnyxP3 Stolzsein Azca Annan BABY PUPPY BITCHVP1 Linbedach HackellP2 Cleandra Stormvon ParasUG3 Jahzorn Facefax Im Blue MINOR PUPPY DOGVP1 Bohmerwald BroncoVP2 Romhund […]

Rottweiler Club of Victoria 4th Annual Breed Exhibition – October 2001Judge Mr Tommie Buzuidenhout (Sth Africa) BABY PUPPY DOGVP1 Rakaaz GovernorVP2 Dellahar Gold FiascoVP3 Willemstadt NashkeVP4 Vospiel Aflame N DelightVP5 Oberhundes BuzzVP6 Ananda Flash Affair BABY PUPPY BITCHVP1 Vonrein Demis Blue IceVP2 Willemstadt NarlaVP3 Rakaaz GrenacheVP4 Willemstadt NataliaVP5 Willemstadt OmegaVP6 Arlantis Belle Starr MINOR PUPPY […]

Rottweiler Club of Victoria Inc 5th Annual Breed Exhibition – 5th & 6th October 2002 BABY PUPPY DOGJahzorn Goodbye Mr BlueWinterwings DieselWuzdenrot DazzlerAnanda Hesa RebelJahzorn Guesswho Im BlueDellahar Roughnready BABY PUPPY BITCHJahzorn Miss Blue GenesCanorous Electric DreamJahzorn Blue Street GirlDellahar Ultra ElusiveVonderzenn Grand EleganzWuzdenrot Della MINOR PUPPY DOGZamuich Deep ImpactZamenhof All Boss BraxAlshaus TrailblazerNarsdin Take […]

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