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All litters here must comply with all RCV Schemes.

Last Updated: 20 DECEMBER 2022

Breeder: Ubersein – DV 3009505220
Registered Name: Ubersein Over My Head aka: Freya
Dogs Vic Registration # 3100438893
Microchip # 956000013261908
Victorian Source # RB100421
Freya is a 15 month old female who is just a little taller than is ideal for a show dog, so we are seeking a loving and suitable forever home for her.
She is a happy and enthusiastic worker – currently being trained with a clicker and knows sit drop stand and heal – she shows great willingness to work and could excel in competitive obedience.
An experienced owner who is committed to ongoing training is a must.
Freya is friendly and sociable with people and would suit an only dog home or with a medium to large size male dog. She would suit a single person, couple or a family with older children. She is crate and house trained and is comfortable indoors and out. She travels well in a car, and has had a variety of life experiences. She is up to date with vaccinations and worming treatments.
Please feel free to contact breeder Louise, or Rachel, who she is still living with, to discuss further.
Price $3000 with health guarantee and purchaser must agree to desex once she has had at least one season. A $1000 refund upon proof of de-sexing will be provided.
Louise 0417312258
Rachel 0447392817

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Rottweiler Club of Victoria Inc. / National Rottweiler Council [Australia] breeding guidelines.The maximum total combined hip score of any breeding pair cannot exceed 20.

Glossary of Terms

Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis & Polyneuropathy (JLPP), see further info here, parents of litters may be Clear x Clear, Clear x Carrier, but never Carrier x Carrier to ensure no affected puppies are born.
HD/Hip Score = Hip Dysplasia This disease is found in many breeds, that results in a degenerative hip joint or joints. The lower the score the less chance there is of HD being present or developing.
ED/Elbows = Elbow Dysplasia This disease is found in many breeds, that results in a degenerative elbow joint or joints.
RCVTT- NRC(A) Breed Survey = This is a temperament test that access the dogs sociability and in the case of the NRC(A) Breed survey they also evaluate the dog against the written standard. This involves weighing and measuring the dog for height, length, and proportions of head and skull as well as ratios between the height and length.
Bite = The Rottweiler is supposed to have a scissor bite. While a level bite is not a disqualifying fault it is not desired. An over shot or under shot bite are disqualifying faults and these dogs should not be bred with.

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