RCV breeders are subject to stricter health testing of breeding dogs than those breeders who are only members of Dogs Victoria. Make sure that your chosen breeder has a Pet Exchange Register Source Number, which should be listed in every puppy advert.

You can see any upcoming litters of puppies on our website with the contact details of the breeder included.

Talk to lots of breeders and buy a puppy from the one that you are most comfortable with. One that health checks their dogs by x-raying the parents’ hip and elbows and tests for JLPP.

RCV breeders must health test both parents for the following:

A breeder that allows you to meet the parents of your puppy is a good breeder. A breeder that asks you lots of questions about how you intend to house, train and socialise your puppy is a better breeder. A breeder that tells you about the behaviour and everyday things that their dogs do, not all the titles or working ability or showing that their dogs do, is a good breeder.

Definitely DON’T pay a huge deposit for the promise of a puppy, because it is very likely that there is no puppy right now available for you. Especially if it is a non-refundable deposit. Make sure that there is a Sales Agreement between the breeder and yourself, which both of you sign, and ensure that you get a copy of the signed Agreement.

You can also check the Dogs Victoria website for prospective breeders, and then ask me if they are RCV members.

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