A fee to advertise has been paid. Members who wish to advertise their dogs may do so by contacting the secretary.Cost is $25 per annum and includes a listing on this page and in the On Guard Club magazine. Name of Dog Hips Elbows Eye Mouth NRCA Breed Survey Owner Full resumes of all advertised […]

RCV breeders are subject to stricter health testing of breeding dogs than those breeders who are only members of Dogs Victoria. Make sure that your chosen breeder has a Pet Exchange Register Source Number, which should be listed in every puppy advert. You can see any upcoming litters of puppies on our website with the […]

Litter Listing All litters advertised here must comply with all RCV Schemes. Last Updated: APRIL 29 TH 2022 Check back soon ********************************************************************************************************* Rottweiler Club of Victoria Inc. / National Rottweiler Council [Australia] breeding guidelines.The maximum total combined hip score of any breeding pair cannot exceed 20. Members of the Rottweiler Club of Victoria Inc. have […]

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