Rottweiler Club of Victoria Inc

2nd Breed Exhibition – 2 & 3 October, 1999
KCC Park, Cranbourne

Judge: Chris Pretorius (South Africa)

Sponsored by Royal Canin

Chris Pretorius, a twelfth generation South African, grew up in northern Natal, where he first got “hooked” on a working sheepdog at the age of seven. He saw his first Rottweiler twenty-eight years ago at a public display held by the South Africa Police and has since 1981 become part of South Africa’s “official” Rottweilerdom , when he joined the original and largest Club in the Country, the RWBA (Rottweiler Working and Breeding Association) of Transvaal. Since then he has actively shown and trained Rotties and took his first Obedience dog up to B-level. Although he has never bred Rottweilers himself, he has served on the Breed Sub-Committees of two Clubs and often assists during whelpings or `problem’ matings. He has raised a Champion, a Best in Show winner, two Best of Breed winners and also enjoys handling show dogs for friends.

In 1984 he became the RWBA Chairman. He has since also served this body as trainer / IPO helper and has conducted numerous public displays, the largest of which was with a 16-dog team before 20,000 spectators at Barnard Stadium in Kempton Park near Johannesburg. He has judged Rottweilers for the last 11 years and was one of the first four judges who became S.A. Rottweiler Specialists (trained by ADRK tutors) He is registered as such with KUSA (Kennel Union of Southern Africa), which qualifies him to grade and critique Rottweilers at Specialty Shows and perform Breed Surveys (ZTP). He was the first to introduce Breed Assessment for Rottweilers to Zimbabwe in 1994.

Chris was a co-founder of the Rottweiler Breed Council of KUSA in 1989. This `umbrella body’ represents all seven Rottweiler Clubs in South Africa. From 1991 to 1996 he was the Convenor for its PR sub-committee, on whose behalf he negotiated with City Councils who attempted to introduce breed-specific legislation. He represented the Council on national TV, the radio and the press, whenever the Rottweiler’s reputation was at stake. Since 1992 he became the Council’s busiest identifier, having tattooed and micro-chipped well over 1000 puppies. He has been Newsletter Editor for two Rottweiler Clubs for over nine years, during which articles of his also featured in local canine publications, magazines and newspapers as well as newsletters of the Zimbabwean Rottweiler Club and that of the Medallion Rottweiler Club in Chicago, Illinois.

In 1993 he was part of the delegation which represented South Africa at the 1993 IFR in Notwill, Switzerland, during which they also attended Schutzhund and Breed shows in that country as well as in Germany and an ADRK training group in Augsburg. He has served the RWBA for almost a decade and a half as Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary and is an Honorary Life Member of that Club.

For the last three years his wife Heila, himself and their dogs have been living in the town of Somerset West in the Cape, where he has a small graphic designing and printing business. Weekends are spent at a private canine training centre (started by him) and he currently serves the Western Province Rottweiler Club as PR, Chairman, Newsletter Editor and as its delegate on the Rottweiler Breed Council. His most recent judging assignment was at a Rottweiler Specialty Show in Kingston, Jamaica during April.

S. Basford’s Sanmar Supertaknker
K. & J. Topp’s Ontopp Mr Bojangles
P. & K. Herz’s Blickscharf Ari

Lynschkin Kennels Lynschkin Midnite Dreams
P. & M. Metcalfe’s Vonderzenn Call Me Grand
P. & M. Metcalfe’s Vonderzenn Grand Charm
P. & M. Metcalfe’s Vonderzenn Class of Grand
S. Ryan’s Jonsha Harl Gemstone
K. & J. Topp’s Ontopp Mustang Sally

T. Finn’s Ubersein Geronimo
S. Basford’s Sanmar The Badger
M. Svaljek & A. Willigen’s Svawill Cooper
C. & G. Miller’s Ubersein Get Up And Go
Ubersein Kennels’ Ubersein The Gigalo
Marmaru Kennels’ Marmaru Jacobeen

J. Milner’s Nahren Cactus Flower
D. & P. Johnson’s Alchemy Cilla Black
M. Czarnecki’s Ubersein Guiding Light
C. Baker’s Schoenburg Black Magic
Marmaru Kennels’ Marmaru Onyx Amber

N. Apps’ Ubersein All Fired Up
J. & N. Mammolito’s Invictus Maverick
Macdonald & Veale’s Blackcombe Unser Barry (IID Gmy)
A. Carey & L. Carr’s Nahren Slam Dunk

E. Olsen & S. & J. Baird’s Rakaaz Nara Finesse
S. & J. Baird’s Rakaaz Nara Flynn
L. & D. Zimmerman’s Nahren Southern Aurora
D. & N. Abell’s Invictus Miss Moneypenny

P. Grills’ Blitzkrieg Mamon
Castobian Kennels’ Castobian Gold N Fortune
R. Ciantar’s Sanduka Simply Super
Marmookunda Kennels’ Marmookunda Radu
Marmaru Kennels’ Marmaru Onyx Duncan

R. & D. White’s Stromhall Angelica
G. & R. Ross’ Jonsha SJ Finesse
T. Westwood’s Westholz Call Me Satchi
Castobian Kennels’ Castobian Dream Casky
A. Franks’ Sanduka Simply Better
A. Franks’ Sanduka Sheer Pleasure

Ubersein Kennels’ Ubersein The Eliminator [A]
S. Basford’s Sanmar Black Bastian[A]
P. & T. Godkin’s Delano Nash Abu Hassan [A]
D. & L. Blackwell’s Ormslee Jakaza Hadeda[A]
M. Moscatelli’s Jonsha Zech Ez Encounter [A]
N. Dekoke’s Aardhond My Loyal Alibi [A]

Johnson & Roberts’ Jahzorn My Blue Calamity [A]
A. Potter’s Satinapride Bingo Lady [A]
P. & M. Metcalfe’s Vonderzenn Grand Aurora [A]
Castobian Kennels’ Donnerschlag Adel [A]
P. & K. Herz’s Blicksharf Diamond Lil [A]

Klasshund Nael Hahn [A] ET

Ch Blickscharf Aurik [A]

Jahzorn Back To The Blue [A]

Jahzorn My Blue Calamity [A]

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