Open to pedigree, registered Rottweilers belonging to VCA Members. The Show ring is the window on the breed. Learning to show your dog is not easy but it has many rewards. Dog shows were evolved so that the best conformation dogs were known and were then chosen for breeding. Many people show for social reasons and enjoy the day out with their dogs. If sufficient points are gained the dog is eligible to become a Champion. The name of your dog then has “CH” in front of it.

There are two main types of shows – Open and Championship Shows. As a member of your Canine body you will receive a monthly magazine with the schedules of forthcoming shows. The Schedule will provide all details necessary to complete your show entry. Entry forms are available from the VCA Inc., KCC Park, 655 Westernport Highway, Skye 3977 (Locked Bag K9, Cranbourne, Vic 3977). Details of the age groups are on the back of the entry forms. Go along and watch a few shows before you enter so you will have an idea of how they operate and what you will be required to do.

IFR Gradings (Champ Showing)

The qualifications given by the judges must correspond to the following definitions:

V EXCELLENT may only be awarded to a dog which comes very close to the ideal standard of the breed, which is presented in excellent condition, displays a harmonious, well-balanced temperament, is of high class and has excellent posture. Its superior characteristics in respect of its breed permit that minor imperfections can be ignored; it must however have the typical features of its sex.

(SG) VERY GOOD may only be awarded to a dog which possesses the typical features of its breed, which has well-balanced proportions and is in correct condition. A few minor faults may be tolerated but none of a morphological nature. This award can only be granted to a dog that shows class.

(G) GOOD is to be awarded to a dog that possesses the main features of its breed however showing faults provided these are not concealed.

SUFFICIENT must be awarded to a dog which corresponds adequately to its breed, without possessing the generally accepted characteristics or whose physical condition leaves something to be desired.

DISQUALIFIED must be awarded to a dog which shows a behaviour clearly not in line with its standard or which behaves aggressively or to dogs that show eliminating faults in regard to the FCI- breed standard

Obedience Trialling

Associate registration is available for those who do not have the registration papers with their dog Titles can be gained in Obedience Trials. Titles available are CD – Companion Dog, CDX – Companion Dog Excellent, UD – Utility Dog, UDX – Utility Dog Excellent and OC – Obedience Champion. Obedience Titles go after the dog’s name. At a Trial it is you and your dog competing against the Rules. Rule books with full explanations are available from the local Obedience Club or direct from the VCA. There are in excess of 40 Obedience Clubs affiliated with the VCA Inc. The social side of Obedience is great, the big plus is that while enjoying the competition, you will also have a well trained, well behaved obedient dog as a bonus!


Open to all VCA Inc. Members with registered or associate dogs. Dogs are required to complete an obstacle course within a specified time, the fastest wins.

The Rules are available from the VCA Inc. in booklet form.

Speed and control are the necessary ingredients.

Tracking Tracking

All dogs over the age of six months are able to enter Tracking.

There are now seven (7) tracking tests:

The first track is 400 metres, after which the tracks and degree of difficulty increase until you get to 1200 metres to become a Tracking Champion.

This is a fascinating sport as the dogs are doing something by nature that we humans have no concept of; following a scent.

A newly established sport that follows on from tracking is Track and Search.


Anyone with a large good natured dog can enjoy carting. A club is in the formative stages. Rottweilers have a history of use as carting dogs. Great for the breed and the dogs love to be the centre of attention. Learn from our Members who are experienced in this sport. Carts can be plain or extremely elaborate. Rottweilers love to show off when pulling a cart.

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