Rottweiler Club of Victoria – 54th Championship Show

March 2015

Judge: Herr Rudiger Schmidt (ADRK)











BEST IN SHOW (Left) NRCA CH Ch Cabulla Davy Jones HT ET – S & K Beaven
RUNNER UP IN SHOW (Right)   Svawill Wenna – Crystal Kennedy

Note: blue writing denotes best in class in show winner.

BABY PUPPY DOG (17 entered – 5 absent, 1 withdrawn)
VP1 Willemstadt Tryoon
VP2    Meretseger Ice Force (AI)
VP3    Stolszein Marshal of Arms
VP4    Ubersein Cuz I Can
VP5    Ubersein Do Me A Favour
VP6    Vonasche Need For Speed (AI) 

BABY PUPPY BITCH (20 entered – 3 absent)
Rockdalestar Jasmin
VP2    Willemstadt Tori Two
VP3    Chriannm Zoolanda Blue Steel
VP4    Stolzsein Minxing It Up
VP5    Stolzsein Montana Magic
VP6    Connalpie Calamity Jane

MINOR PUPPY DOG (4 entered)
VP1 Darkcide Betta Late Than Never

VP2    Stevmar Urban Legend (AI)
VP3    Willemstadt Dura My Soul
VP4    Vonnitro Grizzly Bear


MINOR PUPPY BITCH (6 entered – 1 absent)
Stevmar Incantation (AI)
VP2    Stevmar Superstitious (AI)
VP3    Willemstadt Dura Gigi
VP4    Darkcide Blow Me One Last Kiss
VP5    Majestatisch Drache Shimer


PUPPY DOG (7 entered – 0 absent)
Connalpie Knight Rider
VP2    Eclipsen Black Diamond Bay (AI)
VP3   Rotteln Juzz B Cause Cohic
VP4   Blickscharf Bryn
VP5   Rockdalestar Icon (AI)

VP6   Allgemein Steel vom Night

PUPPY BITCH (6 entered – 0 absent)
Clyzan Saphira Xena (AI)
VP2    Allgemein Swift Vom Night
VP3    Rotteln Sweet About Me
VP4    Oscelly Mieta
VP5    Connalpie Midnight Rambler
VP6   Blickscharf Black Dahlia


JUNIOR DOG (8 entered – 0 absent)
Rottvalda MV Maximus
SG2    Valstam Jules Rout
SG3    Ch Ubersein Dream Big Live Large (AI)
SG4   Alchemy Chumpy Pullin (AI)
SG5   Vonzane Ljaxson
SG6   Darkcide Rodeo Drive

JUNIOR BITCH (15 entered – 1 absent)
SG1    Kagiso Pretty Savannah
SG2    Sanduka River Ash (AI)
SG3    Sanduka River of Love (AI)
SG4    Alchemy Torah Bright (AI)
SG5    Zessinhuf Cenzie
SG6    Paratus Corporal Yumbo (AI)

INTERMEDIATE DOG (14 entered – 0 absent)
V1  Valstam Jules Loxton
V2    Ubersein Strikes Again (AI)
V3    Heiza’s Naturel Night (Imp Sweden)
V4    Hilashijy Da Diggity
V5    Ch Stolzsein Livin On The Edge
V6    Ch Majestatisch Call Me Time Out

INTERMEDIATE BITCH (17 entered – 2 absent)
Svawill Wenna
V2   Willemstadt Racoz Letti
V3    Ch Schwartzhund Gretl
V4    Luthcridhe Arya (AI) RN
V5    Stolzsein Kustom Kouture
V6    Ubersein You Were Meant For Me RN

AUSTRALIAN BRED DOG (13 entered – 0 absent)
Ch Rosarott Bounty Hunter CCD PT
V2    Blickscharf The Scoundrel
V3    Rottisliebe Etched In Stone
V4    Willemstadt Lapaz
V5    Rotteln Fire Starter
V6   Rottisliebe Eye To Eye PT

AUSTRALIAN BRED BITCH (13 entered – 3 absent)
Svawill Wella
V2   Meretseger Serpents Envy
V3    Ch Ubersein Mirror Image (AI)
V4    Svawill Orti
V5    Blickscharf Wicked Winsome
V6    Blickscharf Zeta

OPEN DOG (12 entered – 1 absent)
NRCA CH Ch Cabulla Davy Jones HT ET
V2   Liebschaft Bullett
V3    Willemstadt Chan Arkon
V4    Darksupreme Gonzo
V5   Dual Ch (T) Rosarott Baskos Pride CDX RA PT
V6    Ch Ubersein Dynamite (AI) CCD RN

OPEN BITCH (18 entered – 2 absent)
V1    Ch Ubersein Love You Long Time (AI) TD
V2    Rakaaz Ooh Baby Baby
V3    Cabulla Black Pearl HT ET
V4    Ch Svawill Riedel (AI)
V5    Zlatnik Heidi
V6    Ch Meretseger Aria

VETERAN DOG (3 entered)
Ch Ubersein Vaturbos Legacy
V2    NRCA Ch&Ch Ubersein Veni Vidi Vici
V3    NRCA Ch & Ch Raeburnyte Dreamweaver

VETERAN BITCH (3 entered – 1 absent)
NRCA Ch&Ch Oberschoen Bewitched
V2    NRCA Ch&Ch Rakaaz Listen Up ET


Svawill Wenna

Clyzan Saphira Xena (AI)

NRCA CH Ch Cabulla Davy Jones HT ET

Connalpie Knight Rider


Stud Dog in Show 
Dual Ch (T) TS Ch Slv Ch Wenno Of Nicolas Lion IPOI HT (Imp HRV)

Brood Bitch in Show 
NRCA Ch & Ch Ubersein Va Va Voom

Breeder In Show – Ubersein Kennels.

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