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Whilst it is not yet compulsory for Rottweiler breeders in Australia to test their breeding dogs for JLPP, it is envisaged that at least at NRCA level it will eventually become compulsory. It is also envisaged that, as with HD/ED results the dog’s microchip number will need to be positively identified when taking DNA samples for testing. Therefore I highly recommend that rather than taking the swab yourself you take your dog/dogs to a vet for the samples to be taken and microchip number to be verified. This way there can be no question of validity, and also ensures your dogs results will be on the National database.
Once you get your results back from the laboratory, to add your results to the Australian NRCA Database: email to OR Post to: The NRCA Breed Recorder, Susie Baird, PO Box 1102 Grovedale DC VIC Australia 3216 Note: if the dog is not already on the NRCA database (too young for HD/ED testing) please also include a copy of your dogs pedigree.   UNITED KINGDOM:… Members of the ANKC who enclose a copy / scan of their membership will discount the set price down to £44.00 per JLPP test (down from £48.00). They are also able to test semen samples if an AI has taken place (from a used vial with some semen residue). It is not guaranteed but some results have already been achieved with this, if successful the charge will be an extra £25. Laboklin UK has agreed to a "special" discount for those breeders who wish to test 3+ dogs the test will be £42.  Note: this lab accepts other swab kits other than just theirs, so you do not need to wait for theirs to be sent to you – just get your vet to use the swab kits they currently have.
USA: OFA website for JLPP testing $65US about $87Aust. Note: OFA only accept their swab kits, so there is a wait for these to arrive from the US, some 2-4 weeks at the present time.
EUROPE:… E59.50 but with breeders discount is E46

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