Breeder Listing

A fee to advertise has been paid. Members who wish to advertise may do so by contacting the secretary.

Please note to be listed as a Breeder you must have a prefix, and all your breeding animals must be listed on the National Rottweiler Council of Australia database.
Cost is $10 per annum and includes a listing on this page and in the On Guard Club magazine.

Kennel Name Breeder Name email  Phone Website
Chamrott Julie & Gary Clarke 0413 486 486
Connalpie Sarah Jones 0438 834 070
Dellahar Renee Kennedy 0458 035 484
Kagiso Nicole Phillips 0430 517 176
Rakaaz John & Susie Baird   03 5264 1162
Rottzenith Irene Burns      
Starkehre Meg Lewis   0412 070 866
03 5975 2623

The Club receives many inquiries about breeders; we can only provide details of those listed above.

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