The Club

The Club History On May 22nd, 1971, a gathering at the home of Brian and Pat Dyson was held to gain support for the formation of the Rottweiler Club of Victoria. The emblem selected to represent the newly formed Club was that of the German town Rottweil. The aim of this Club is to protect […]


Activities Showing Open to pedigree, registered Rottweilers belonging to VCA Members. The Show ring is the window on the breed. Learning to show your dog is not easy but it has many rewards. Dog shows were evolved so that the best conformation dogs were known and were then chosen for breeding. Many people show for […]


Obedience The Rottweiler Club of Victoria Inc holds Obedience classes, in conjunction with K9Resolutions, on Wednesday nights at KCC Park, 655 Westernport Highway, Skye 3977. Training is back every Wednesday night from 7pm, except public holidays, and goes for approximately 1 hour. Arrive at training around 15 minutes early to allow time to sign in […]

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