Health Issues Hip Dysplasia The term refers to the shape and fit of the Ball of the Femur with the Socket in the Hip. Believed to be part inherited and part environmental. Hip Dysplasia is evidenced by signs of discomfort when running, standing or rising. The dog may be reluctant to rise or rises with […]


Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis & Polyneuropathy (JLPP) For the latest NRC(A) JLPP Scheme and important information  Click Here JLPP in Rottweilers – FAQ’s Recently we became aware of an inherited disease in Rottweilers called JLPP (Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis & Polyneuropathy). As soon as we became aware of this disease many Rottweiler breeders started getting their breeding […]

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia This term refers to the shape and fit of the ball of the Femur with the Socket of the Hip. It is believed to be part inherited and part environmental. Breeders must stress to their puppy people the environmental aspect of Hip Dysplasia. Allowing pups to become overweight and/or run about on slippery […]

The [A] Pedigree Endorsement

The [A] Pedigree Endorsement NB: Please be aware that the [A] endorsement is no longer available, and this page is supplied for historical purposes only. What does it mean? The [A] is a pedigree endorsement for satisfactory hips which is awarded by the Victorian Canine Association (V.C.A.). The scheme was devised by the V.C.A. Hereditary […]

OCD and Elbow Dysplasia

OCD and Elbow Dysplasia Currently there are no restrictions placed on Rottweilers with regard to their Elbow Gradings. Elbow x-raying is compulsory for Rottweilers x-rayed after 1 June 1998.  Responsible breeders are attending to this problem by also having the elbows x-rayed at the same time as the hips. A flexed elbow x-ray is required, […]

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