The Bitch

BreedingBefore contemplating Breeding, talk to other Breeders.

The Bitch owner has all the work and most of the responsibility and expense.

Allow your bitch to mature. The RCV Inc requires that bitches be at least 22 months of age at time of mating. This is to allow for maturity and to make sure that any inherited diseases are not present.

First, check the FCI Standard included in this handbook to determine conformation and temperament faults that may be apparent in your bitch. Learn about the Breed.



Have you the time and space to breed a litter?

Have you the cash for the stud fee? (Stud fees vary from $800 to $2000 with Imports being dearer but not necessarily better)

Have you sufficient ready money to pay vets? (Vets fees for a normal litter range from $400 upwards to $2000 if complications occur)

Will you be able to find suitable homes for all the puppies? (Remember the bitch may have a large litter)

Are you prepared to take back puppies that may have become problems? Are you prepared to refund money? (The bitch owner is responsible for advertising the puppies and replacing any problem puppies and refunding monies where problems have occurred.)



Apply to the Club for the necessary forms to have your bitches hips x-rayed and the results read by Professor Wyburn.

Obtain an eye and mouth certificate.

Satisfactory for breeding are all Rottweilers of good temperament with none of the following: Hip Dysplasia, Entropion, Ectropion or other eye abnormalities. Undershot, overshot or wry mouth. Incomplete dentition, extreme shyness or viciousness towards people, total absence of tan markings, yellow or bird of prey eyes or eyes not of the same colour. White marks and OCD.

Contact the VCA Inc. and have them send you the form required for registering a Kennel Name, plus a Litter Registration form.

Keep your VCA Inc. Membership up to date and make sure you have transferred ownership of the bitch from the breeder to yourself prior to the mating.

Having decided that your bitch is breed worthy, her character is that of a correct Rottweiler (calm and stable), she has no disqualifying faults and no inherited problems and you have the time, space and money to raise a litter, you can progress to the next step.



The sire should complement the bitch. As well as having acceptable Hip, Eye and Mouth Certificates he should have correct Rottweiler Character – calm and stable.

Pedigree, conformation and temperament should all be considered.

Make a booking with the Stud Dog owner giving the possible time of the bitches heat. Do not wait until the bitch is in season before contacting the Stud Dog owner. Some dogs are booked up in advance and you may not be able to use your first choice.

Have another dog in reserve in case the dog you have chosen is not available when required.

Read and discuss the Stud Dog Agreement with the Stud Dog owner.

The Stud dog must be 18 months of age and comply with the RCV Inc Code of Ethics.



Keep your bitch fit and healthy and trim off any extra weight.

Make sure worming and vaccination is up to date prior to mating.

Wait approximately 63 days for whelping. Now you are a "breeder". Your actions from this time will determine whether you are a responsible, ethical and caring breeder. A lot of heartache is the norm for breeders.



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The Stud Dog

Before considering using your dog at stud read carefully the FCI Standard. Be honest with yourself, does your dog have anything to offer the breed? The bitch owner should be looking for a dog with good breed type and correct demeanour. Is your dog a Champion? Does he have working titles? The bitch owner is looking for a selling point for puppies. Generally, to be a successful Stud Dog the dog must have something special above other dogs, such as Conformation or Working titles or an excellent pedigree. Why use your dog if others are better qualified?




Must have Hip Eye and Mouth Certificates that meet the standard required by the RCV Inc.

The bitch owner will require a copy of your dog's pedigree, hip, eye and mouth certificates and possibly a photo to show prospective puppy buyers.

The Stud Dog must be fit and healthy. (Failure to disclose any corrective operation or known fault to the bitch owner is dishonest and will rebound on you and your dog.)

The Stud Dog owner must have some knowledge of canine reproduction and be able to tell if a bitch is ready for mating. The owner must also be able to assist in the mating.

If the bitch is coming from a fair distance the Stud Dog owner may be required to accommodate her over the period when the mating will take place.

The Stud Dog Owner would be wise to use some kind of Stud Service Agreement to avoid any misunderstanding about the terms of the mating agreement.

Normally the payment for a stud dog is for the mating only, not for puppies. The stud fee is paid at time of mating and the blue litter registration form is signed by the stud dog owner and dated. The stud dog owner must be a VCA Inc member, or if the dog is owned by persons interstate, the dog must be on the VCA Inc register.

Both dog and bitches hip results must be sighted and on file with Dogs Victoria (VCA) prior to registration of a litter.


See the bitch. Obtain copies of her hip, eye and mouth certificates.

See her registration certificate. Check to see who is her registered owner.

Check the age of the bitch. She should be at least 22 months at time of mating for the first time to comply with RCV Inc. guidelines.

Check with Breed Recorder when the bitch had her last litter. There should be at least 12 months between previous litter and subsequent mating.

Check with the owner of the bitch to see if they know the amount of time and expense involved in bringing up a litter. There is more to it than putting food down for the pups.


Think about the mating carefully. The number of poor quality Rottweiler puppies today is the fruit of past poor matings. Do not add to the number just because the bitch is there and her owner is offering you money.

It is not advisable to accept a puppy in lieu of payment. There may not be enough puppies to fulfil breeder's requirements or the puppies may not be what you want after you see them. You can always put in an order to buy a puppy in the usual way.

Whilst it is the bitch owner's responsibility to raise and find suitable homes for the puppies, the Stud Dog owner would be wise to remember that he is also responsible for the existence of the puppies. The Stud Dog owners obligation and responsibility continues long after the mating is completed.


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