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Dear Rottweiler Friends

As promised the RCV will continuously update all Rottweiler enthusiasts across Australia in activities & dealings with the appropriate authorities in the future direction of our breed.

We have had a very positive response from Dogs Victoria after our meeting with the CE earlier this month. They have given us direct access to their PR people who have come on board to help promote our breed in a better light. Starting with our upcoming Specialty Show in which they have sent out a Media Release to over 1,000 various media organisation’s inviting the general public to come along and talk to exhibitors at the show. But more importantly in utilising their Lobby group to put together a proposal to the Minister’s office, which was presented to the DPI on the 12th of January 08, the proposal was carefully planned in not highlighting our breed, but including all larger guarding type ones with the onus being on Education, Socialisation & Training. This was received well by the department as a positive step to incorporating the use of all clubs that are affected by these icidents & Dogs Victoria, something that has not happened before as historically the Government have chosen to be consulted by groups that have other interests. This has given us some time to fully explore different ideas and methods to further secure a positive outcome. In saying this it is not time to sit on our backsides and pat each other on the backs, believing that everything will be OK, we must remain focused and continuously pursue this plan until we can achieve the desired outcome.

I have also been informed that our breed was recently involved in two incidents recently, one in NSW & the other in Queensland, this is why we as a fraternity must incorporate our efforts and strategies on a National scale, as we all know once one state implements changes others will follow closely, I am as always open to discussion on this matter via mobile as there are other items of interest that can not be placed onto an open forum. Personally I would like to thank many of you that have given the RCV your support in recent times it is much appreciated from all at the RCV.

Mick Svaljek

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