Breed Standard

The Rottweiler Breed Standard F.C.I. Standard No. 147 (24.07.2018/ EN) DATE OF PUBLICATION OF THE ORIGINAL VALID STANDARD: 15.06.2018. ORIGIN: Germany      TRANSLATED BY: Mrs C. Seidler. Revised by Peter Friedrich UTILIZATION: Companion, service and working dog. CLASSIFICATION FCI Group 2 (Pinscher and Schnauzer type, Molossian type and Swiss Mountain- and Cattle Dogs and other breeds) Section […]

Rottweiler Temperament

Temperament Stages of Development and Socialisation A dog is not a toy, a plaything, an ego trip, or a child substitute. The dog has been the companion of man for thousands of years but he retains all the instinctive behaviour of his wild ancestors. Today with our changing society and subsequent stress we tend to […]

Breed Information Sheet

Breed Information Sheet Would you like more information on the Rottweiler breed? Click here to download a breed information sheet (Adobe Reader .pdf format, 69KB)


Breeding The Bitch Before contemplating Breeding, talk to other Breeders. The Bitch owner has all the work and most of the responsibility and expense. Allow your bitch to mature. The RCV Inc requires that bitches be at least 22 months of age at time of mating. This is to allow for maturity and to make […]

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