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adrk-world-familyThe Rottweiler Club of Victoria Inc. is the only affiliated Rottweiler Club of Dogs Victoria (formerly Victorian Canine Association Inc). and is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The Club is dedicated to the Rottweiler breed.  We strive to educate and promote responsible ownership of the Rottweiler.  Protecting and preserving the breed are our prime objectives.

We hope you find our site to be informative and educational.

The Rottweiler Club of Victoria is proud to be a member of the ADRK World Family.


Rottweiler Club of Victoria 65th Championship Show
23rd | 24th | 25th APRIL 2021

Your arrival on FRIDAY 23 April 2021 – The committee is not allowed to start setting up for the Obedience or Champ Show until Friday morning therefore we appreciate you not arriving to set up your gazebos until after 9:30am – Thank you


Please understand, these processes and procedures are in place to protect our rights to continue showing our dogs.

To ensure compliance with Covid Safe physical distancing the RCV Covid Safe Team require your attention to the following conditions. 

Exhibitors, Competitor Differences

  • You MUST use the QR codes as there are no manual means or recording your entry into the park.
  • While face masks are not mandatory, you may wear one by your own choice. However, it is a requirement of entry to KCC Park by Dogs Victoria, all adults shall carry a mask on them while on the grounds at KCC Park.
  • All events shall be “Event conducted under Covid19 conditions” and will be a condition of entry with the relevant Dogs Victoria COVIDSafe Event Plan.
  • Rottweiler Club of Victoria will have appointed Covid-19 Marshals on show days to ensure compliance and directions to our COVIDSafe Event Plan
  • There is a requirement to arrive earlier than normal as there will be processing of ALL attendees with QR codes before any entry onto the grounds on all days. Peak morning times, please add 30 minutes +


Setting Up

  • You MUST follow all official directions and those of the Covid Marshals
  • You MUST have 5m social distancing on all sides between gazebos /pop up tents / set up areas.
  • A clear 2-metre-wide walkway must occur around all competition rings, free of chairs and shelters. Therefore, NO CHAIRS will be permitted ringside and if standing, please allow a 1.5-meter distance between yourself and the next person at all times.
  • Fitting of two or more walls to your shelter or gazebo makes the shelter or gazebo an indoor area
    a) Shelters that are “indoor areas” have a limit of 1 person per two m2 unless the people are from a single household
  • Having no walls or just one wall makes the shelter an outdoor area, requiring people in and near it to physically distance by 1.5m.
    a) Shelters that are “outdoor areas” have no person limits and are not limited to a single household provided a 1.5m physical distancing occurs at all times 


Showing / Competing

  • You MUST social distance 1.5m in the assembly area, competing, standing, stacking in the ring, gaiting, moving in and out of the ring
  • NO physical contact including shaking of hands with judge, competitors, and others
  • You MUST enter the IN gate to the ring and MUST leave via the EXIT gate of the ring
  • If you need to share common equipment it MUST be sanitized between people including brushes and leads
  • Exhibitors SHALL show their dogs mouth/show teeth/dentition to the judge.
  • Clown corner – only one person will be permitted in the roped off area to clown your dog. You may change clowns but only one is permitted within the roped off area at any given time.
  • Due to current covid restrictions of 2 metre distancing indoors, please do not enter the secretary’s gazebo without permission of our show secretary and covid marshal, Tania Soifer.
  • Due to covid restrictions of 2 metre distancing indoors, please do not enter the saleable items gazebo (where you collect your numbers, catalogues etc) without permission of Cheryl Langshaw.


After Judging on Sunday

  • The doors to the presentation room will be locked until all RCV gazebos and equipment are packed away.
  • We appreciate your help with this task as many hands to help will ensure we all get to presentations, drinks and pizza (supplied by RCV) quickly 😊


Wishing you all a very successful & enjoyable show.
Best Regards,

RCV Committee



Breed Standard Evaluation (Australia) Program

Note: The video was filmed in a relaxed setting and the different components of the BSE(A) are filmed in no particular order. The accompanying documents are DRAFTS ONLY and are yet to be approved by the RCV Members.


BSE(A) Training Program

BSE(A) Program

BSE(A) Rules

BSE(A) Certificate


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